Variable data

Variable data It is the business unit where through data files we can personalize the documents. Software Inspire Designer and Software Blancco for deletion of information.

Solutions in personalized messaging shipments

We are experts in customizing documents and sending them with specialized courier services, we have a site security and different software for printing and protecting your information in:

Wide variety of graphic pieces such as:

The materials that we can print in variable data are the following:

Our machines “Pitney Bowes. Rival” and “Pitney Bowes” work at speeds of 10,000 and 4,000 envelopes per hour, in Bond and Couche Mate roles. The types of folds that they handle are: c, z, v and w, which are used by the financial industry and banking institutions, which demand the highest quality.

With grammages greater than 150, we have two machines that work with papers such as 250 couché and 120 Bond. The Sthall folder performs 12 natural folds, while the hrz Knite Unit folder does 6.

The “CEM RACC-AUT” Sheeter works the different types of paper: Bond and Matte Couche. Our "Fomax" machine is a separator and cutter, in letter size; Among the jobs we do the most are contracts.


Ofm Turbo and Ofm, work at a speed of 7 to 10 thousand per hour on papers such as Bond and Couche Mate. Types of fold: C, Z, V, and W. We collaborate in: letters, collection letters, afore, account statements, etc.

Magazine or catalog is worked, in papers such as bond and/or couché, type folds are created: c, z, v and w.


Account statement
(up to 4 smart inserts).

Auto envelope

Special forms with check digit

Kit assembly

QR and Code bars

Work examples

Account statement

Auto envelope

QR and Code bars

Industries with which we collaborate the most


We have the equipment and infrastructure for development from 1 package to millions.



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From menus to packaging; We have the infrastructure to meet your needs.


Our process and technology allow us to guarantee the protection of third-party data.



We take your company's communication directly to your customers through various channels.



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Additional services

  • Similarly, our Graphic and Industrial Design areas work together to create the different dies for our packaging line.  

    Special finishes are perceived as an added value in your products, since they achieve the necessary impact to boost sales. We present a list of them: laminates, special varnishes, plaster and registration (high relief, frost, aroma), hot stamping, foil, engravings, enhancement, metallic, special inks and more.