Printing on various substrates and sizes

For your Large Format printing needs, we have state-of-the-art equipment for printing UV & Latex on flexible or rigid materials. We have a wide range of substrates

Wide variety of graphic pieces such as:

The materials that we can print in large format are the following:

It is the perfect material for printing on our Anapurna machine, we have different thicknesses: 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm. Due to its cut to shape, it is ideal for labeling fairs, events, exhibitions, stands, visual merchandising, decorations, fixed signs and much more.

Being a flexible material, digital printing can be done on it, of different sizes and textures, such as: white electrostatic vinyl, transparent vinyl, micro-perforated vinyl, calendered vinyl, cast glossy vinyl and much more.

With a rigid and flexible structure, suitable for digital printing in our Anapurna machine and shaping it in our automatic bending machine. Of different weights: 15 pts, 20 pts, 30 pts, 40 pts, 60 pts, 80 pts and 100 pts. Ideal for signage, point of sale and displays.

In different presentations, it is one of the materials that the Industrial Design area uses to create incredible projects. Our material: Flutes B, C, E, and F; Single Face, Single Wall, Double corrugated cartons and white Kraft with printing option.

Lightweight, rigid and versatile, its consistency aids in the production of signs, signage, mounts, arts, packaging and more. Our MultiCam GraphXCutter is the right one to work with this type of material regardless of its thickness: 5 mm, 10 mm, 13 mm and 25 mm.

Thanks to its homogeneity and its exceptional lightness, it is ideal for creating posters with: digital printing, screen printing, labels and much more.

Flexible material used mainly in outdoor signage, advertising campaigns, signs, containers and packaging, POP materials such as displays, dumps, exhibitors, among others. We handle different thicknesses: 2mm and 4mm.



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Additional services

  • Similarly, our Graphic and Industrial Design areas work together to create the different dies for our packaging line.  

    Special finishes are perceived as an added value in your products, since they achieve the necessary impact to boost sales. We present a list of them: laminates, special varnishes, plaster and registration (high relief, frost, aroma), hot stamping, foil, engravings, enhancement, metallic, special inks and more.