Development of functional and innovative packaging and display

A key part of boosting the sale of your products is the design of their packaging. In Excelform we have equipment to ensure that your productions have a presence, our Yoco die-cutting machine with integrated foil for special finishes that makes them finer and more spectacular:

Wide variety of graphic pieces such as:

The materials that we have developed in packaging so far are the following:

With the best materials and machinery, we design and create unique packaging for medicines. With special finishes that will give it the right appeal.

Made of sulfated and/or multilayer cardboard, they are designed with the perfect size and finish to charm your target audience.

Different designs and sizes, we work to raise your expectations with different finishes in your boxes: laminated, spliced, varnish, etc.  

The fun starts from the creation of your packaging, our Yoco die-cutting machine has the capacity to die 6,000 sheets per hour, speeding up production and reducing delivery time.

The versatility of our ideas help to create and produce boxes that cover any type of market. Using the best material: sulfated cardboard, multilayer, corrugated, acrylic, styrene, mdf, pet g, polypropylene and more.

For the commercialization of a product, the design of its packaging is a key part, since this helps at first image to invite you to obtain the product, without having seen it.

With the objective in mind, we design and develop incredible food packaging, helping us with our specialized machines to create the specific characteristics, together with the different finishes. 

This special finish is for blister-type boxes; its application gives the final touch to the packaging for sale. 

At excelform, we have the necessary equipment to ensure that the packaging makes an impact with its presence.

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Promotional boxes

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Additional services

  • Similarly, our Graphic and Industrial Design areas work together to create the different dies for our packaging line.  

    Special finishes are perceived as an added value in your products, since they achieve the necessary impact to boost sales. We present a list of them: laminates, special varnishes, plaster and registration (high relief, frost, aroma), hot stamping, foil, engravings, enhancement, metallic, special inks and more.