Continuous Forms

Printing on various substrates and sizes

We offer maximum security in confidential forms or with very particular guidelines. We have offset printing equipment up to 8 colors.

Wide variety of graphic pieces such as:

The materials that we can print in continuous forms are the following:

Special inks like:

At excelform, we are experts in creating documents with security. Coin reactive ink, also known as “coin ink”, can be used to print important text that, when rubbed, serves as a verification of authenticity. We help your maximum security in confidential forms, with particular guidelines.


It is an ink designed to verify the authenticity of a document, it reacts when IR (black) light is placed in front of it, the color change is noticeable, since it becomes invisible when the light source is removed.

Within our security models, we have inks that act with water or dissolved chemicals, also called visible inks that bleed.

These types of codes are designed to be scanned and detect encrypted data. We have the technology to protect your data.

This code is designed based on a screen and a line with micro text. It is as if it were an image, which has a layer and text, but in a certain part said code varies.                                                          

Variable with check digit and hologram / Check digits and holograms.

An example of this code is an invoice, which has a hologram with a verification digit.

Special paper like:

Carbonless copy paper has a chemical transfer system, making use of the reaction between two coatings in contact, so that the image is transferred to the next sheet.

Used for all types of printing and folding, such as: account statements, contracts, receipts, tickets, envelopes, brochures, manuals, etc. At Excelform, we handle the following grammages: 75, 90 and 120.

Due to their high quality and security standards, they allow shielding against the attempted falsification of valuable documents; mainly used in the financial and insurance industry for the protection of private data.


Printed mini rolls for handheld machine (ATM rolls, carbonless, self, container and bond).

Block finishes



Valuable documents

Bond and carbonless forms

Work examples

Mini rolls

Block finishes



Bond and carbonless forms

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Additional services

  • Similarly, our Graphic and Industrial Design areas work together to create the different dies for our packaging line.  

    Special finishes are perceived as an added value in your products, since they achieve the necessary impact to boost sales. We present a list of them: laminates, special varnishes, plaster and registration (high relief, frost, aroma), hot stamping, foil, engravings, enhancement, metallic, special inks and more.